BTS: Alternate History
07 Mar 2018 Homefront News

Our friend Hugo Guerra and creative production agency Fire Without Smoke have made a series of Behind The Scenes (BTS) videos that detail the production effort and techniques used to create Homefront: The Revolution’s alternate history movie. The live action / CG sequence is presented at the start of the single player campaign and depicts an alternate vision of history in which North Korea was able to become a world super power and ultimately conquer the United States of America through the technological dominance of the APEX Corporation.

The first video discusses the genesis of the project and how they approached the filming of the live action elements;

The second video presents a production breakdown of the APEX garage shot, which was inspired by the iconic photograph of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founding Apple in the garage of Jobs’ childhood home;

The final BTS video from Hugo presents a deep dive into the challenges and techniques used to deliver the APEX keynote scene;

And finally, if you haven’t seen the alternate history video in its entirety, here it is;