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One HELL-A of a Time

With Dead Island 2 releasing to the world on April 21st, the last few weeks have been an exciting time at Dambuster Studios. We wanted to recap some of the things that have happened in that period.

Spotted Around Nottingham

Things began to feel very real a couple of weeks ago when members of the...

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Recently, there have been lots of exciting developments at the Studio and with Dead Island 2, so we thought we’d put this blog together as a recap of some of those key moments.

We’ve also included links wherever possible, so you can check them out for yourself!

Dead Island 2 Nominated in the ‘M...

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During Gamescom’s Opening Night Live, we revealed to the world the first glimpse of Dead Island 2!
Closing out a brilliant show of upcoming titles, we presented a brand-new CGI trailer featuring one of the six upcoming playable characters, the swaggering zombie slayer, Jacob.

If you haven’t...

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Pride Month takes place each year in June. It is a time when we highlight the struggles that members of the LGBTQ+ Community have experienced and continue to face, celebrate diversity in gender, sexual, and other forms of personal identity, and raise awareness for causes seeking to improve the lives...

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Mental Health Awareness Week takes place in May each year. It is a time when we are encouraged to talk openly about mental health, raise awareness, and educate ourselves on topics such as mental illness, wellbeing, the effects of stress, and much more.

This year the theme was loneliness. Did you...

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