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The desire to learn and develop is a key trait that we look for in every candidate that applies for a role at Deep Silver Dambuster Studios.

Bettering ourselves, upskilling and learning from one another is a part of what makes our studio culture unique and helps our teams deliver the best possibl...

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Deep Silver Dambuster Studios has an in-house Animation Department that was responsible for creating the in-game and cinematic animations required in Homefront: The Revolution and is currently working on the next instalment in the Dead Island franchise.

An integral part of this team is Perform...

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To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day 2020, we sat down with Rosanna Nichols from the Engineering Department to talk about her role, how she got to where she is today and to hear any advice she has for those looking to get started in engineering within the games industry.

Q. Can you...

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2020 has already been one of the most significant years in Deep Silver Dambuster Studio’s history.

Although we are only six months into the year, we have already been presented with many opportunities, challenges and milestones and have developed as a studio in size, within the community and in o...

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Ever since the beginning of the video games industry, animation has remained a crucial part in creating engaging, dynamic and enjoyable experiences for players.

Whereas in the past Animators needed to make just a few pixels on our screens move – think Donkey Kong hurling a barrel at Mario way back...

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