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Ever since the beginning of the video games industry, animation has remained a crucial part in creating engaging, dynamic and enjoyable experiences for players.

Whereas in the past Animators needed to make just a few pixels on our screens move – think Donkey Kong hurling a barrel at Mario way back...

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Covid-19 has significantly impacted close to every country in the world. In the UK, the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the virus have seen some businesses forced to close entirely for an undetermined period.

For those that have remained open such as ourselves, quickly adopting remote...

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Are you a graduate keen to find your first role in game art or a seasoned industry professional on the lookout for a new challenge?

Whatever your experience level, there are some simple best practices that you can apply to ensure that you are always giving yourself the best possible chance when ap...

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Based in Central England, Nottingham is a thriving metropolitan city which was once an instrumental player in the world’s lace, tobacco and bicycle industries and the home of the mythical Robin Hood.

In more recent years, our city has become a recognised hub for art, culture, education and the he...

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This is the second part in our series of blog posts looking into the technology behind the LSAO (Large Scale Ambient Occlusion) system that we developed for Homefront: The Revolution. If you haven't already read the first part we recommend that you do, it can be accessed here.

One of the big c...

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